My New Haircut for 2014/15 Spring and Summer

DSC03304As a matter of fact, I have had long hair for years now. Since my fringe was at a very annoying length, I finally went to get a haircut yesterday.

I used to have really short and boyish haircut during my teenage years, and I was very tempted to revisit my short hair days. However, my stylist, Marcia strongly advised me not to. She was worried that I will regret about such a drastic change. And given I have natural curls in my hair, growing my hair long again could be a very awkward and painful process. Instead, she suggested me to go just a little shorter to see how it goes first, and I am sold.

I have very thick and natural curly hair, so Marcia kept most of the layering on the inside but not the outside to prevent my hair from sticking out.

I am really happy that Marcia talked me out of it. With this new length, I can easily bring out the natural curls in my hair with a bit of styling products or I can simply tie it up as a pony. Hopefully it will turn out alright tomorrow when I am on a rush to work. 😛


What Did I Wear

T-shirt / dotti
Shorts / Boohoo
Shoes / Gmarket (Mini-shop: Sappun)
Watch / Marc by Marc Jacobs
Bangle / Mantraband
Bracelet / Fitbit Flex


Where Did I Get My Haircut

Stylist / Marcia
Salon / Planet Hair
Phone / 02 9267 4882
Address / Level 2, 61 Market St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia


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