Throwback Monday: Sundress in Black and White Stripes

DSC03177Last week has been very hectic for both Mr. D and me. After taking it slow for a while, I am finally back to business. That means I need to be better with time management, and not to give myself excuses to stop exercising and writing my blog. Speaking of which, this post was supposed to be done by the middle of last week. Guess I really need to work harder on juggling my time.

Back to today’s post…there are a million things I love about summer, and one of them is the ease of dressing. A couple of cute sundresses will carry you a long way in the summer. They don’t just simplify your outfit-choosing process, but also make you look pretty yet effortless. The plus side? Your date is always going to be happy to see you in a sundress (as long as it is flattering to your figure).
DSC03081 (2)DSC03098DSC03145DSC03186

A black and white stripe dress is quite a closet staple to me. For a casual afternoon date, I accented it with some cobalt blue accessories for interest. The outfit looked a bit monotone, so I introduced a second pop of colour with the sunnies to make it more fun.
DSC03162 (2)DSC03171 (2)DSC03182DSC03197

I am a big fan of sundresses but do you like them? Why or why not?

What Did I Wear

Dress / Boohoo (shop similar here and here)
Flats / ZARA
Bag / Rebecca Minkoff
Belt / Country Road
Sunglasses / Marc by Marc Jacobs
Earrings / Rebecca Minkoff
Watch / Adidas Originals (also love this in orange)
Bracelet / Fitbit Flex

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