3 Tasty Produce You Should Be Eating This Spring

PhotoGrid_1411553204442After Mr. D read my last entry about food, he volunteered to write one for me. I love to hear from the angle of a professional chef, and think my fellow foodies out there may want to know what is trending as well. So let’s hear what he has to say. 😉

The Chef Says…

The curse of the winter rainy day is finally over here in Sydney. Not only does it mean the end of bulky jackets and the constant need of umbrellas, but it also means a new celebration of food.

In my opinion, spring food should be light but not devoid of satisfaction. A lot of great fruit and veggies hit the market at this time, and free us from the pumpkins, pears, and root vegetables we’ve been eating for the last three months.

Being a chef means you come across with a lot of market direct produce and get insights into what is out there. So here’s what I’ve been seeing around and what I’m into eating.

Celeriac Root
Although this is a root veg, it can be lighter than the others.  For those who are unfamiliar with the vegetable, imagine a potato and a celery have a delicious baby. Don’t be intimidated by the ugly shape. Just chop off the top and bottom, stand it up and remove the skin like what you will do to a pineapple. What’s revealed is a gorgeous white vegetable that is perfect for purees, mashed up, or even shredded and eaten raw as a salad.

It is very cheap and tender at the moment. I love this veg, not for its refinement but for its simplicity. Although many methods can be used to cook broccoli, I love to steam it. Simply put some olive oil, lemon zest, salt and pepper in a bowl. Then toss the steamed broccoli in it and coat it in the goodness. Serve it with some fish or chicken, delicious!

To me, this is the king of berries. I see some blueberries, mulberries and raspberries are starting to come at a reasonable price. However, now is the moment for the king. I’ve seen them as low as four punnets for AUD 5.  I’ve even had people knock on the door of the restaurant saying they were selling them!
DSC01950 (2)1471121_10153576879925389_606357627_n

So here are the three amazing produce we are chowing down in spring, and what are yours?


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