2-Step Gel Mani At Home: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

PhotoGrid_1411036796989To be honest, I have never been really that into nail polish. As much as I love all the crazy colours and interesting textures on other people’s nails, I prefer mine just the way they are. Usually I only do my nails when I am feeling a little down or annoyed (what a strange habit…). But when I saw this Sally Hansen Miracle Gel range on the shelf, I could not help myself to pick up some.

I got this Colour and Top Coat combo from Priceline for AUD 19.95 in early August. The colour I got is #240 B Girl. It is a light bluish green colour, which reminds me of the elegant Tiffany Blue hue.

According to the description, this range is designed to deliver a 2-step gel manicure at home with no LED lamp or base coat needed. First, apply two coats of colour on dry, clean nails and let dry. Then apply one coat of the top coat to activate the curing. It is sooo easy, right? 😉DSC01554DSC00610

When I first put it on, I kept questioning the durability of it as I have a long history of scratching and destroying my finished products. My worries were soon subsided. The nail polish is pretty scratch resistant. I can get away with typing, washing my hair, doing chores in the house, and opening a soda can. Yes, you heard me, it remained intact after opening a soda can! I had it on for about a week and removed it with regular nail polish remover.

One little trick I found about this range is that if you really happen to get a little scratch or dent on your nail, you can apply a thin layer of the top coat to cover it up instead of redoing it. It won’t show! In this sense, it is definitely more long lasting than a lot of regular nail polish.

I picked up my second colour of this range – #370 Sugar Fix from Chemist Warehouse a couple days ago. The entire range is currently on sale for AUD 8.48 each. The colour is a cute macaron blue, and is very flattering on different skin tones. I got loads of compliments from it just by walking down the street! 😀

This range comes in 18 shades, but unfortunately there are not really that many options for me as I am more into blue/green/nude type of colours for nail polish. I know Revlon has launched a similar range which offers more colours to my liking, and I would love to hear from anyone who has tried it!


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